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The Sources Behind The Gas Attack in Idlib,Syria

Once again in the long and horrific conflict that is engulfing Syria we are presented with the terrible pictures and videos of an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians, some showing the last moments of life as the person writhes around and attempts to gasp for breath.

What is undeniable is that these individuals suffered as the result of some sort of chemical agent. What one should not be so quick to conclude however is the events leading up to and including the attack and to attribute blame to one side without irrefutable evidence.

Given the entire murky nature of some aspects of the conflict and the long list of geopolitical actors and aims that they wish to derive out of this war it would be naive at best and deceitful at worst to assign blame at such an early stage without the full reporting of a totally independent investigation given complete access to the area..

The ramifications of this false conclusion and immediate attributing of blame have already borne fruit with Donal Trumps illegal strike on a sovereign nation in violation of all standard international laws and protocols showing himself to just be another piece in the long line of warmongers and imperialism that is now an embedded as a core concept of US foreign policy.

Unfortunately due to the control of the Idlib governate being largely shared between either Jabhat al Nusra(al Qaeda) and foreign supported proxy jihadists it will be extremely unlikely that any independent organisations or individuals will be allowed access safely to the area to collect samples and evidence. 

As per usual, any evidence acceptable to the West and other similar parties will most likely be transported through one of the many questionable 'independent' Syrian organisations such as The White Helmets whose activities and funding have been well documented in showing them as a completely biased and politically motivated tool to further Western governments aims of destabilisation and ultimately 'regime' change.

It is on this subject of the safety of travel to the Idlib governate,held up and showcased as one of the areas of the moderate rebels where there is actually no verified Western reporters or organisations on the ground due to the past history of kidnapping and executions, that a further look must be taken in to those 'independent and credible' sources. These contacts are rolled out to verify any claims of incidents within the province which are then used by all parties from diplomats to Amnesty to HRW who use it as irrefutable proof even if available visual evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

The gas attack in Idlib in April 2017 is no different as sources and activists are quoted in numerous media organisations and held up as credible, usually through a mentioned association with Syrian Civil Defence (not the actual Syrian Civil Defence but the Western and GCC funded and backed White Helmets) or through on the ground humanitarian organisations.

Again, no actual reporter from any reputable news organisation has access on the ground due to the safety issues from the same 'moderate' rebels who are then so highly referenced.

The ultimate aim of these geopolitically motivated accounts are to induce military aggression against a sovereign state to forcibly overthrow the elected government at the behest of sectarian organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood and proxy militias who are funded and financed by Gulf countries and Turkey. These organisations only have their own supremacist ideology in mind and if successful in their aims would result in the persecution and massacres of many minority segments of the population such as Assyrian, Druze, Alwaite and Christians whose safety is guaranteed under the current Syrian state.

With so much at stake,  any one with serious journalistic integrity should fully investigate and follow up on all leads and content to ensure the veracity rather than blindly peddling it out as fact without any actual evidence to back it up. 

To example this, we will look directly at just one source being used and quoted directly by the media and politicians in reference to the incident in Idlib to try and gauge if the accounts can be held up to scrutiny as truly acceptable as evidence.

During the alleged attack, one British doctor had time to live tweet constantly and even offer to video call any one interested

Shajul Islam 

This individuals name is Shajul Islam. His video and comments have been reported world wide  in regards to the Idlib incident. Although he is being referenced by many media organisations, a research into his history immediately raises doubt about the credibility of using such sources.

As well as an individual history, Shajul shows himself to be connected  to other questionable organisations who have started a seemingly co-ordinated campaign in the month before the attack in highlighting specifically the issue of gas  and appealing for help, all of which will be extensively referenced further down.

Shajul had been on trial accused of terror offences along with his brother and another man but the case collapsed due to lack of evidence  and he was found not guilty. 

The only reason for this lack of evidence was that during the trial in November 2013, the two witness could not be called due to John Cantile being kidnapped again by ISIS in November 2012 and for an unknown reason neither could Jeroen Oerlemans. Unfortunately Oerlemans was shot dead in Libya in 2016 by a sniper while covering around Sirte. 

However, in a pretrial hearing one of the journalists,presumably Cantile, did testify that Shajul was part of the 10-15 man British terror cell that had kept them captive. In a video interview that Shajul completes with Bilal Abdul Kareem(which will be detailed further on), he claims that Cantiles pre trial evidence taken from video interviews accounted for 800-1000 pages. 

It can be assumed that this evidence given by Cantile in regards to the ordeal was roughly outlined in the media at the time where he claimed that the doctor who treated him walked around with weapons, was upset when two Syrians were not beheaded and stated he was in Syria for 'holy war' . Shajul has admitted he was the doctor that treated the two journalists.

He had only qualified as a doctor in July 2012  was struck off as unfit to practice in March 2016 after he did not attend the hearing . Given his initial time in Syria was from 2012 and he had been suspended from practicing or in jail since it is highly probable he had little or no actual experience as an actual qualified  doctor. No further details are available as 'The tribunal agreed, in accordance with Rule 41 of the General Medical Council (Fitness to Practice) Rules 2004, that the press and public be excluded from the hearing as the matters under consideration were deemed confidential'  .

The family's draw to Syria seems to be strong given Najuls brother Razul had also traveled to Syria before him . Shajul also was suspected of possibly knowing the identity of the British beheader of James Foley due to the allegation of being a participant in the terror cell as above . Razul is also suspected to have joined ISIS

Not alone is he only suspected of joining the group but Razul was one of the three British men that were considered to possibly be 'Jihadi John', the man who beheaded both Foley and Steven Sotloff among others.

Mohammed Emwazi was later identified as being 'Jihadi John' but Razul along with another British jihadist named Aine Davis were suspected of being the other men in the trio nicknamed 'Ringo' and 'George' (after The Beatles due to their accents) who had been tasked with minding the foreign hostages 

In a Twitter status, Shajul comments on the battle to 'free' Hama currently ongoing. This current offensive is primarily being waged by Al Nusra/Al Qaeda in Syria so gives an insight into Shajuls mindset of considering these as acceptable forces as he does not raise any issue about their involvement.

He has also spent time and been interviewed by notorious American journalist and jihadist support Bilal Abdul Kareem

During this 30minute interviewShajul admits that he saw truckloads of weapons being brought into Syria through the Turkish border in 2012 (6.30 mark) to further verify that it has, from its very inception,  always been a foreign funded and supported war of aggression on the Syrian state. He says he had no interest in these convoys as he is a doctor but is able to expand  and mention Belgian weapons very specifically by model.

As per usual with any of Kareems interviews, whether it be with Al Qaeda leaders or suicide bombers, the line of questioning is extremely soft ,leading and directed to control the message in a favourable way to a certain narrative.

When questioned on why he would come to Syria, Shajul responds by saying that it's what he ' wanted to give back to society' (8.10) . The title of this video is 'British Doctor Discusses Allegations Against Him' and it is quite clear from the onset that the purpose of this interview is to gain media credibility and to portray him as a genuine humanitarian which is what almost scripted responses like the line above show.

It also seems coincidental that this interview was only published last month and the personal media activity of Shajul seems to have increased steadily since, culminating in him being at the fore front in reporting a major incident only a month later.

The only prodding question of the entire interview ,albeit giving the answer they want to try and portray Shajul as only a good and genuine humanitarian, is asked at 9.35

BAK: So have you ever joined any group?

SI: No

BAK : Never joined any group at all?

SI: No.

Pressurised with the second question, Shajul again answers no while preceding to tap his left then right foot before shifting his hand position uncomfortably twice and then looking towards the ground and raising it again quickly when the follow up question is asked about John Cantile.

This is one of the only times his right foot makes any movement for the entire interview bar when he is asked later  (17.30) about why he went to Egypt before going back to UK after his first Syrian trip. This also results in an enhanced right foot movement and a delayed incoherent stutter before concluding 'no particular reason....Alexandria seemed like a nice place....to think clearly about my situation. '

His left foot taps infrequently throughout the interview but his right is mainly steady bar these referenced times. With this body language reaction it can point to an individual either lying in response or becoming uncomfortable due to the question or pressure.

As dealt with further above, at 10.10 Shajul says the only role he had with the two journalists was to treat them as patients. This is obviously in reference to after the escape attempt was made. This admission is basically that he was helping armed groups who kidnapped hostages. He denies knowing anything about their kidnap or when they were freed. 

This is in direct contradiction to the apparent account John Cantile has given in relation to the event. It can be assumed quite easily which account is the correct one by questioning which individual, Shajul Islam or John Cantile, would need to lie or who would have the most to lose with the truth becoming public knowledge? Unfortunately with Cantile currently being a continued hostage for IS, this truth may never become fully known.

Later in the interview, in keeping with the aim of promoting Shajul as credible and genuine, he claims that he did not challenge his medical council investigation for he wanted to ensure the safety of Cantile as he was a hostage. It can only be questioned as to what account given to a Medical Council investigation could lead to such danger especially given this investigation was held in private.

Shajul sporadically has illusions of grandeur defining himself as a hero twice and claiming he was targeted to show that 'even the best Muslims are terrorists', categorising himself in this 'best' category. This,again, seems to be in pattern with trying to promote him as an credible individual and personality for accounts he will give.

In a NBC News video, Shajul even claims that he foresees these chemical attacks not just being committed in Idlib, but even on  'the civilian population in America in the subway or something' .

It seems to be a bit of an insane insinuation that the Syrian Army or affiliated actor will target a transport infrastructure hub in America in the future but it is a subtle message directed at the videos desired audience to attempt a mental association of the Syrian forces and terrorists who would attack civilian infrastructure as one and the same.

Shajul has actively promoted fund raising attempts by UK Action For Refugees a charity founded by Nina Coulson

UK Action For Refugees

Through BT fund raising pages alone, UK Action For Refugees have managed to raise over £168,000 in the amounts of £102,000 , £12,000, £25,000  £26,000 and £3,500.

The main picture in the £102K ICU fundraising page includes a picture of Shajul. It appears that the vast majority of large donations above £100 on these fundraisers are from Anonymous sources bar a handful with actual names which appear dubious at a cursory glance.

 For instance, on the ambulance fundraiser a large donation of £2,000 is designated from 'OWO.org'.

 This website ,which was registered in 2004 but has had very sporadic history use and has been largely dormant since 2009, has its registered offices and details in Dubai, UAE.

 The UAE has been a supporter of government change in Syria and reacted positively to Trumps Tomahawk strike. No actual website exists at the address either bar a link to purchase the domain from an American domain marketplace. A large donation of £2000 from an apparently obsolete and non functioning site would appear suspicious at best. 

As of 06/04/2017, Shajul has updated on Facebook however that 'we are NOT receiving aid from 'UK Action For Refugees' or 'High Wycombe Helping Others' anymore' and 'we have been receiving tremendous support from One Nation ' and directing to donate to a medicalaidsyria.com . These two organisations will be detailed into further down.

 On Uk Action For Refugees website there is no sign of any registered charity number nor are they seemingly found anywhere on the registered list of UK charities .

 They do however say funding goes towards the White Helmets among other projects.

On their BT fund raising  'About' page for UK Action For Refugees the registered charity number is actually the one for Prism The Gift Fund

Prism The Gift Fund


This is a large umbrella group who allocates out funding to specific charities.

The Prism Funds trustees include Lord Stone Of Blackheath,appointed a life peer by Tony Blair in the Labour party. Among his many roles Stone includes membership of Labour Friends of Israel,Israel Britain Business Council and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research(Jacob Rothchild is its lifelong president).

Israeli policy in regards to Syria has been clear from the start and at present they treat wounded jihadists who come across the border. Along this border includes elements of the 'moderate' rebels and ISIS itself but Israel only targets Syrian Army positions and seems happy to continue to let these extremists occupy ground right up to its positions.

Prism has a huge financial focus from their team members resulting in incomes of £27.1m against expenditure of only £10.7m, with £50m in long term investments, £16m in assets with only £120k of total liabilities.  It's charitable spending rate is only 39% spent against 60% retained (with 1% income generation) with a further breakdown in detail in the annual accounts

This seems to be a very poor rate of investment in the charitable causes side and further information indicates to it being ran more on a business model of profit rather than charity focused.

Members include Anna Josse (financial expert who also set up and ran British arm of the US based New Israel Fund), Yoni Amias (financial consultant who previously worked at European Union and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office), Tracey Reddings (Managing Director and Head of UK Private Wealth Management at J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Chairman of the British Bankers Association Wealth Management and Private Banking panel), Myra Waiman (Rothschild Foundation) to list a few among numerous others financial focused and connected individuals.

When contacted about Shajul Islam, Prism initially washed its hands of any responsibility before a spokesman 'acknowledged over the phone that items bought with the money Prism has been helping to raise on behalf of UK Action for Refugees were being sent to Islam.'

On the ambulance fundraiser the details state 'UK Action for Refugees have partnered with One Nation which is another organisation that Shajul promotes and supports.

One Nation


This charity is subject to an investigation by the Charity Commission due to 'failure in the charity’s management and administration' and including 'monitoring and verifying the end use of funds'.

It had income of £792,000, expenditure of £380,000 with total assets of £663 ,000.

It was also one of the groups involved in the convoy when Alan Henning was abducted and concerns were being raised then also by the Charity Commissioner .  One of its trustees, Arshad Patel, was arrested by police investigating the 7/7 London suicide bombings, but not charged. His sister, Hasina, is the widow of Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the suicide bombers.  Patel is no longer listed as a trustee at One Nation .

One Nations website has an appeal for gasmasks4syria.com which redirects to a funding page that has accumulated more than £83,000 at present. This is a campaign that Shajul Islam had been actively promoting especially in the month leading up to the Idlib incident.

One Nation has raised a total of over £400k through the Total Giving Platform alone. This GasMasks4Syria effort is being ran by a Medical Aid Appeal as they say 'MEDICAL AID APPEAL is raising money for One Nation'. 

However there appears to be no charity or organisation that can be found by this name. It does appear to look quite close to the website link given in Shajul Islams Facebook profile at www.medicalaidsyria.com which has a banner picture with him and further links to three other organisations -One Nation, Aid Convoy and Amazon Wish List(a One Nation sub group).

The details for medicalaidsyria.com returns the most probably fake registered name of  Nagga Niran-noboi who has also registered doctorsinsyria.com .

The email address given for medicalaidsyria.com however is for one of a shajulislam@dr.com - Shajul Islam.

The same email also has registered medicalaid4syria.com and doctorsinsyria.com.

On medicalaidsyria.coms site the main video promotes fundraising for HospitalsInSyria.com  The 'Donate' button links to a TotalGiving campaign ran by One Nation where among their personal message it states there are now only two working CT scanners in 'freed Syria'.

A search for details of HospitalsInSyria previously led to a registered owner name of Tarek Islam of Leicester. These registered details were updated to a private registration and the expiration date was also extended for 5 years until 2022. 

Tarek, who previously was sentenced to 16 months in jail for striking a man who was face down on the ground three times with a champagne bottle while highly intoxicated in a night club assault, has direct links and involvement with One Nation.

Tarek describes himself on LinkedIn as a 'community reformer'  who is the Founder of 'EPS HELP AND ADVICE CENTRE LIMITED' which was incorporated in February 2016 and it's first confirmation statement is over due since 4th March 2017. 

Tarek previously ran the similarly named 'EPS LEGAL MIDLANDS LTD' which was incorporated in February 2015 only to be dissolved via compulsory strike-off  in August 2016.

Despite the fact One Nation states to the Charity Commissioner it has 3 Trustees,0 Employees and 20 Volunteers Tarek openly advertises for a paid position in One Nation seeking an Administrative Assistant with pay 'to be discussed'. 

On his Facebook in one photo he converses with a another account in very friendly terms. This other individual works for the Hiba and Maram Foundations and lives in Idlib, a photo history can show him praising and admiring controversial Saudi cleric Mohamad_al-Arefe who is know for extremist views including saying that Muslims should either kill, extract jizya taxes from, or convert "infidels" upon invading their lands and that Shia were 'evil' . al-Arefe is banned from the UK.

Tarek can be seen with Majid Freeman  who also shares a photo with of him coming off a plane . Freeman comments 'ITravel Holiday :)' which links in with the email address provided to register HospitalsInSyria under Tareks name that was itravelcargo@mail.com .

ITravel Cargo has an address at 396 East Park Road, Leicester, United Kingdom, LE 5HH and it shares this with ITravel Holidays which are both in The Cherry Group organisation of company which includes freight,travel,car rental and financial investment(although the Empire Car Rentals is dissolved and financial company Simba Investments appears to be nearly struck off and dissolved also . 

10 domains have also been registered under the itravelcargo@mail.com address including  bangladeshappeal.com, bread4syria.com, games4gaza.com, hafizinsyria.com, liveupdatesfromsyria.com and orphanaday.com.

The campaign orientated ones all link  to One Nation fundraisers except for the Live Updates from Syria link to the Facebook account of the same name ran by Tauqir Sharif with over 200k likes. Tauqir has been interviewed by Bilal Abdul Kareem also and moved his whole family from the UK to Syria. Tauqir and his wife run other pages such as Sisters of Sham and Companions of Prophet which have in the past espoused extremist point of views or pictures.

The main individual registered to the One Nation charity is Maqsood Motala. Maqsood was previously jailed for only 9 weeks for his involvement in a gang that had stolen over £1m worth of cars and were also supplying both Class A drugs and firearms.

The 'Donate' link beneath Aid Convoy on Shajuls MedicalAidSyria site returns a non existent Charity Checkout link, while their charity number of 1149015 reveals further investigations being carried out by the Charity Commissioner. 

It  'is examining issues relating to the end use of charitable funds, and whether there has been any mismanagement or misconduct on behalf of the charity trustees'   and it's documents are currently overdue for this year. It again was also one of the organisations linked above to the convoy that Alan Henning was kidnapped from. 

The Convoys 

Other groups involved in the convoy include Aid4Syria whose parent group 'is under investigation by the Charity Commission for alleged “links [with] individuals purportedly involved in supporting armed or other inappropriate activities in Syria” and Children of Deen who organised a trip in which the first British suicide bomber traveled with to enter the country.

A trial which was linked to the convoy was told that specifically that 'The aid convoys were allegedly used as cover to send thousands of pounds in money and equipment to terrorists as part of a scheme to set up a team of 'night snipers' in Syria.

 Two men were convicted and sentenced  to 2 and half years and 5 and half years each 'after infiltrating Syria-bound aid convoys ' and 'funding terrorism'.

Also part of Aid4Syria and One Nation, Majid Freeman, has promoted and praised ISIS,Al Qaeda and similar extremists online.

Another campaign One Nation have ran is Snowden4Syria which Freeman has participated in ( )

The American think tank the Gatestone Institute says ' the three charities harbor a number of individuals who hold extremist beliefs and links.' ( )

The Institute also noted that Charity Commission itself acknowledges this problem. In a submission to a Government counter-terrorism inquiry, the Commission stated:
"Some [charities] are at risk of their funding being diverted for terrorist purposes or of charity personnel using the charity as a cover for traveling overseas for terrorist training or for raising funds…. There are number of ways in which charities can be vulnerable to abuse for terrorist purposes."

All From A Single Source

All of the above is  solely derived from examining merely one individual, Shajul Islam, who is being identified as a credible source to events in Syria. 

Even a brief look at his history and the groups he is connected to should raise enough doubts and questions as to the reliability of any evidence he gives and if any ulterior motive exists with a such clear conflict of interest.

There is also some highly suspicious practices and campaigning methods used in promoting certain narratives to maximise funding to these organisations.

This can all be taken from just looking at one person and confirms that the opposition in Syria is a total labyrinth and maze of individuals and groups all inter twined and connected who benefit having the same narrative to attack from to encourage further outside intervention and help.

Points of Conclusion 

From the findings above , it can be reasonable to conclude:

- Mainly that individuals like Shajul Islam are not reliable or credible sources. Although his terror trial case collapsed, John Cantiles accounts specifically identify him as an armed combatant in a sovereign state and partaking in kidnapping and possible executions. When questioned about his involvement in any groups, he looked visibly uncomfortable and also showed body language to indicate untruthfulness

- Numerous Syria support charity organisations are under investigation and suspected of fundraising, supplying and facilitating for terrorism in Syria

- Some of these organisations do not appear to be registered correctly, do not account for their funds adequately and run multi layered and inter organisational fund raising campaigns which if a similar system was used in other scenarios or the banking system would indicate towards fraudulent or deceitful activity.

- A majority of the charities that became relevant to this article have compromised of members with links to or views of extremist Islam not compatible with the majority of Muslims or for the protecting of minorities in states. 

-A few members also have the surprising trait that appears across some of the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Europe of having a questionable history not compatible with their now pious beliefs. For example, the main registered name for One Nation, a probably multi million turnover charity by now, is Maqsood Motala who was convicted in a case involving stolen vehicles  and a member in a Class A drugs and firearms supplying gang. Tarek Islam was convicted for an assault while highly intoxicated and,according to the eyewitness account, may consider himself lucky to not have been charged with attempted murder. 

- There seems to be a purposeful and co-ordinated effort among the linked charities to maximise funding for certain campaigns with a selected narrative and to promote that line through the social media at specific and seemingly convenient times ie Gas attacks focus from beginning of 2017 leading up to an alleged gas attack

- These charities have seemingly huge financial flexibility  and as a result unaccountability .It appears Shajul Islam has identified this as he no longer wishes to use Uk Action For Refugees as middle and has set up his own MedicalAidSyria and through OneNation also.

- These same charities have then been investigated for lack of transparency,  One Nation's bio on Charity Commison say 0 employees but Tarek Islam advertises on Facebook for an administrative assistant as a simple example.

To Finish 

To finalise, individuals like Shajul Islam are being used by governments and organisations to further geopolitical aims. People like him are doing it knowingly and willfully to further their own selective aims to the detriment of the lives of others and the destruction of entire countries and fabric of society.

Shajul, Bilal Kareem,White Helmets, FSA,Al Nusra,ISIS etc are all the same side of one coin being used as proxys to destabilise and in the attempted over throw of the elected government of Syria in a consistent tactic imperialism has used extensively before but now is being implemented in ever refined ways as to appear to be purely for humanitarian causes. 

The mass media is not independent or seeks out the truth anymore.

This can be seen by the way they pandered to the military strike conducted on Syria which changed Trump almost overnight  from being a huge danger and fascist to  a stable and respected presidential figure, all as a result of aggressive and illegal action, the illegal part of which was not even questioned at all.

This media which has facilitated and been complicit in lies such as incubators in Kuwait, in Iraq and in Libya is continuing to do so at present in Syria under the refined marketing guise of humanitarianism and pro democracy. 

The attention span of the mass populous has been degraded somewhat over the years and especially now in the age of social media where there is only a very limited amount of time to get a message fully immersed and understood to be effective in its aims.

This tactic may be fine for digital marketing of commercial products for example, but this shock and awe with the planned result of forcible acceptance of a preferred narrative simply cannot be justified or tolerated in the political and world arena for major issues with so much at stake.

Peoples lives depend on these events being fully looked at,investigated and understood before any rash conclusions or actions can be taken such as Trumps reactionary missile launch. 

 In America, would a citizen be executed the week after a murder because it may appear to some that he is the most likely suspect? 

The answer is of course not, due process must take place to ensure there are no erroneous assumptions accepted as fact which could have catastrophic outcomes for those involved and incidents such as the Idlib gas one cannot be any different.

And in the exampled case above, would those advocating for it so quickly not be viewed with some suspicion as to why they have attributed blame so soon and want a response before any investigation has confirmed guilt? Would their advocacy hold less weight also if they were publicly known to have a previous bias against the accused?

Again, of course they would  on both points. If it was mentioned to any average American or 'first' world citizen the vast majority would of course respond that due process must be given a chance and a full investigation completed.

Why should this event, or any other serious world event with massive possible ramifications, be any different?

A full open and transparent investigation is needed because there is no doubt as to the videos content that individuals did die from exposure to some chemical agent but it is owed to those people, and all of those in Syria who have suffered for the last 6 years, for a full investigation for that incident . 

Also, it is needed urgently for the Syrian issue in general to be resolved through co-operation and dialogue alone rather than rash responses that only play into the hand of sectarian death squads using the cover of religion as a purpose to further others geopolitical aims. 

Obviously, these sectarian Islamo fascist gangs usually can only be successfully dealt with militarily initially due to the idea of safety and freedom of other denominations being anathema to their twisted beliefs so talks are futile. Then, the issue of where this ideology derives from must be attacked at the source by challenging the funding that is being used to spread this toxic form of Islam throughout the world and stopping it. 

The huge majority of Muslims ,like all religions, are peaceful and tolerant of other views and people. Unfortunately, it seems that where Saudi and Gulf country states money flows the rise of extremist Islam is sure to follow. This has to be addressed for the benefit of future stability,peace and prosperity as people and nations. 

The Syrian people, and they alone, need to be able to independently and freely decide their future and return to normality without foreign interference and without the threat of these death proxies and reactionary governments enforcing their version of change.

It can only hoped that this day will arrive sooner rather than later.

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